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Diving Bali with the only team of professionals to offer everything that makes Bali diving unforgettable - in a single, perfectly situated PADI PADI Dive Centre in Bali. Designed by divers for divers, Bali Diving Bali is unlike any other Bali Diving company on The Island of the Gods.

Bali Diving

WHY WE CAN DO IT BETTER - Set right on the white sands of a traditional fishing village, Bali Bali Diving has swept away the standard Bali practice of piecemeal Bali Dive Packages. While others cobble together Bali Dive trips and PADI courses by hiring whatever facilities they can find, often many kilometers apart, at Bali Diving Bali we have created a unique facility that offers:

Direct access to more than 40 of Bali's finest dive sites. Everyone has something special to offer; pristine reefs teeming with life, walls, drifts, drop offs, caves, big blue water fish and fascinating micro-life: no dreary 'beach dives' here!

A full-time staff of European, Australian and Indonesian PADI Instructors and PADI DiveMasters who between them muster more than 50 years' diving experience and 10,000 dives.

An unrivalled commitment to safety that covers diving codes of an on-site maintenance workshop, staffed by manufacturer-qualified technicians.

Constant attention to the needs and comforts of our guests.  Our permanent crew of 39 exists solely to make Diving Bali the most relaxed, hassle-free dive experience you've ever had.

Scuba Diving Bali

For those who come for PADI Dive Courses, Bali's only purpose-built diver training pool, a few short steps away from our air-conditioned classroom and fully stocked dive shop.

Purpose-built dive boats, owned and maintained by us. Accommodation integrated into the resort; choices range from de luxe rooms with stunning ocean views, A/C, TV, minibar and all the trimmings to traditional Bali bungalows crafted from local materials.

'Narcosis' bar and café. The name says it all; a place to unwind and swap tall tales of the day's dives as you watch the sun go down.

Bali Diving Bali A totally professional Scuba Diving Bali operation in the gentle, laid-back atmosphere of the real Bali. Absolutely, the best of all worlds.

Scuba Diving Internships

Choosing the right facility for your Scuba Diving Internships training is not easy. At the Bali Diving we are committed to providing you with the most current and comprehensive training to help you attain your career goals in the dive industry. The Bali Diving approach to diver and Instructor training enables us to make our programs more personal, informative and enjoyable. In particular, having your accommodations right at our facility and meals included, 17 dive sites with 15 minutes eliminates the worry about those things, allowing you to concentrate 100% of your energy into becoming a successful PADI certified  diver / PADI Divemaster / PADI Instructor


Bali Diving
“Serious Diving - Serious Fun”

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