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Bali Scuba Diving  | Diving Safaris - Dive bali
Bali Scuba Diving  | Diving Safaris - Dive Bali
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Air Diving Academy - Bali
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Choosing the right Bali Diving facility for your Bali Dive vacation is not easy. Air Diving Academy Bali is committed to providing you with the best & most current comprehensive Bali Daily Dive Trip  – Bali Diving Safari - Our approach enables Air Diving Academy Bali to make your Bali Dive vacation more personal, informative and enjoyable along with over 20 Bali Dive Sites within 30 minutes eliminates long boat / bus Trips from South Bali

Scuba diving Bali trips are adjustable to any level of diving experience, whether you're just starting out or have been scuba diving all over the world, Bali Diving will be an unforgettable experience.

Lying between the Indian and South Pacific Oceans and just a few degrees south of the equator, these dive sites in general are fortunate to be located in what is arguably the most bio-diverse aquatic region on Earth. It is estimated that the seas around these sites are home to more than 2500 species of fish as well as an impressive variety of corals and invertibrates.

The water temperatures can range from about 30 C, down to a bone chilling 18 C. Visibility is varied, of course, but generally excellent. Regardless, though, you can see things that few of your friends back home have even thought of.


Bali Diving Safaris

Bali Dive | Bali Scuba Diving | Bali Diving Safaris - Dive bali

Scuba Diving Bali is some of the most varied in the world. Its sites vary from thrilling roller-coaster rides among magnificent pelagics to gentle drifts over pristine reefs, from world-famous wrecks to muck dives teeming with extraordinary creatures.

Sample the best of what Bali has to offer - let Bali Diving Safaris arrange a trip around the Islands finest sites, where each dive offers something new and exciting. On the way you will see unspoiled mountains, emerald green rice terraces and villages where the traditional Balinese way of life still endures.

Bali Diving Scuba

With several different dive sites in topographically diverse locations, you are able to see the small stuff, such as ghost pipe fish, nudibranchs and cleaner shrimps as well as the really big stuff like the ocean sun fish, bump head parrot fish and napolean wrasse.

This same topograhical diversity allows you as a diver to find suitable dive sites for all experience levels. Want calm waters with abundant coral and beautiful colors? No problem. Want historical ship wrecks? It's here. How about exhilaratingly fast drift dives. It's yours, too. From beginner to seasoned professional, these sires has the dives for you.

The jump menu just up there to the right will get you some general information about specific areas, and a second jump menu will then magically transport you to more detailed information about each site in the area of your interest.

Dive Bali

Bali Dive | Bali Scuba Diving | Bali Diving Safaris - Dive bali

The Bali Reef has captured man's imagination since its first discovery. Travelers have sailed over its waters, many have written tales about Bali reef, all islands and cays have been discovered and set foot upon, but still underwater there's a land so vast that in 10,000 years will not be completely explored.
To scuba divers, Bali and the Reef represent some of the finest and most exotic diving and snorkelling in the world. To Dive Bali Reefs and see its massive coral reef and beyond this structure of living organisms lays the cleanest body of water on the globe!
It is a wonderful, exciting and indeed memorable experience to Dive Bali Reef. On a Bali diving Bali holiday you'll swap dive stories with others, you will encounter mostly smooth seas, you will dive beautiful reefs, deep drop offs, see gorgeous marine life, explore tunnels and caves, and bask in the sun between dives on the deck of your room or lay on a sun drenched beach.

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